Mako Shark Expedition
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
March 18 - 22, 2020
( 5 day trip / 3 days snorkeling )
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We are headed to Cabo san Lucas, Baja, Mexico for an opportunity to swim with mako sharks and possibly blue and smooth hammerhead sharks. March is peak pelagic shark season off Baja and we are hoping to find multiple sharks in these waters. These are day trips, so every morning we will head out in search of these sharks. We will be seeking out them out for three days to increase our chances of success. Pelagic sharks are fast and extremely curious sharks, and when they show up, they announce their presence. Once they relax, they are amazing sharks to dive with.

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Please Note; This is a chummed shark expedition. We will be using chum and fish carcasses to attract these sharks to our boat in the open ocean. We use the chum to send out an oily (fish) slick to try and entice the sharks to visit our boat. After they arrive we will slide in the water and hopefully have sharks that will hang around and allow us to photograph them. We will be snorkeling only in search of these sharks. Makos and smooth hammerheads do not like the sound scuba regulators make.

Day 1 - You will arrive at the San Jose del Cabo International airport (SJD), from there you will take a cab to our hotel for the trip. We will meet at 7PM that evening in the hotel lobby to discuss the morning plans. After that we will head out together for dinner (if you are hungry), the rest of the evening you can relax and prep cmeras for the morning session.

Day 2 - 4 - At 8am, we will depart from the dock and head out each day to find mako and blue sharks to swim with. Each day is different, some days we may find them quickly, other days it make take all day to find the sharks.

Day 5 - You return to the airport for your journey home.


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