Jaguar Photography Expedition
Mato Grosso, Brazil

September 6 - 11, 2019
6 days / 4 days expedition
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September 6 - 11, 2020
6 days / 4 days expedition

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Travel with us to Mato Grosso, Brazil, for an opportunity to encounter Jaguars, hunting capybaras and caiman, on the Pantanal. The Pantanal is an immense tropical wetlands located mainly in western Brazil's Mato Grosso do Sul state.

Renowned for its wildlife, it's home to about 3,500 plant species, 656 bird species, 325 fish species, 159 mammals, 53 amphibian and 98 reptiles. Our focus on this expedition is to find jaguars, however, we also will spend some time, seeking out; caiman, capybaras, tapirs, giant anteaters, howler monkeys, ocelots, crab eating foxes, macaws, etc. After our exploratory trip here in 2018, and our incredible encounters with 6 different Jaguars, and the other amazing wildlife, we decided we need to share this amazing place with you all. Hope you can join us…

$3890 per person. With an $800 deposit required to reserve your space.

Price Includes;
- Transportation from Cuiaba Airport to lodge (R/T)
- 5 night stay at eco-lodge
- Bi-lingual guide
- All meals
- 3 days seeking out jaguars
- one day land safari seeking out wildlife
- guide services

Price Excludes;
airfare, alcoholic beverages, crew gratuities

Day 1 - We pick you up in the morning from the Cuiaba Airport (CGB), and take you, via private van and drive you (4 hours), to our lodging (Eco-Lodge), on the Northern Pantanal. During the drive, we enter the Transpantaneira, which offers some pretty good wildlife viewing on the road sides before reaching our hotel. Here we might find; crab eating foxes, rheas, tapirs, howler monkeys and/or giant anteaters.

Day 2 - After breakfast, we spent a day seeking out wildlife on the Reserve, from the back of a specially-designed four-wheel drive vehicles. Drives along the Transpantaneira Highway, as well as private roads near the Reserve provide you with a safe and comfortable way to view an incredible array of mammals, birds and reptiles. We may also decide to do a night drive seeking out ocelots, anteaters and tapirs.

Day 3 - 5 - After breakfast, we spent a full day on the river (AM and PM), seeking out jaguars, capybaras, speckled caiman, and river otters, lunch on the boat. Return to our hotel for dinner.

Day 6 - We return you to the Cuiaba Airport (CGB), (4 hour drive) for your journey home.

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The Pantanal is also great for other wildlife, including river otters, tapirs, speckled caiman, cabybaras, howler monkeys and a lot of bird species, including the famous jabirus.

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