Morehead City, North Carolina
May 23 - 27, 2018
( 5 day trip / 3 days diving )
9 Spaces

Trip Itinerary
Day 1 - You arrive in Morehead City and we check you into the Olympus Dive Lodge (Dbl. Occ. Only).

Day 2- 4 - We head everyday in search of sandtiger sharks. (2 tank dive). After our second day of diving we will host a barbecue party for all our guests. 

Day 5 - You return home.

Travel Recommendations; The closest airport is New Bern, NC. (EWN), which is a 50 minute drive (to Morehead City).

sandtiger 2.jpg

We are headed back to the place that started it all for us. 2003 was the year that Shark Diver Magazine was born. It was also the first season we began offering expeditions where our readers could join us - we kicked it off with a trip to Morehead City, North Carolina for sandtiger sharks. We are headed back there. North Carolina is famous for their shipwrecks, but also for it's healthy population of sandtiger sharks. This is a natural encounter, we will not be using any bait . The sandtigers naturally aggregate around the ship wrecks, sometimes in large aggregations. 

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We will be staying at the Olympus Divers' Lodge, which is located within two blocks of the dive shop. The lodge has 32 bunks in five separate rooms. Three of the rooms contain eight bunks with the other two rooms having 4 bunks. Each bunk has a storage area for your dry gear.  The lodge features a large lounge area for post-dive relaxation and socializing. There is a living room, containing 4 couches, with cable TV. A small kitchenette with a microwave, and refrigerator. There are also two tables for enjoying breakfast or dinner. The lodge is equipped with separate male/female restrooms and shower facilities. Each 'shower room' contains three shower stalls, two sinks, and two toilets.

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