Bimini Island, Bahamas

June 10-15, 2018
6 day trip / 4 days Swimming
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Day 1 - Arrival day. You fly into Bimini airport (South Bimini), from there you take a taxi to the ferry, take the ferry to North Bimini, to our hotel (on the marina). Check into your room. The rest of the day is yours to prep cameras, rest or explore the island.

Day 2 - 4 - (4 days) We head out to find the dolphins, once we find them we will jump in and swim with them. Depending on our success with the dolphins, we can (group vote), spend one of the days snorkeling with reef sharks and sting rays. 

Day 6 - Departure Day. You return to the airport for your journey home.

Please note; this is a snorkel only expedition. 
Water temperature;  77 - 82 F ( 25 - 28 C )
Land Temperatures; 76 - 88 F ( 23 - 29 C )

Traveling to Bimini;
* There are direct flights to Bimini from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. You can fly via Silver airways. (prices average $200 r/t).
* There is also a ferry available from Miami to Bimini as well. FRS Caribbean runs daily. Please Note; if the seas are too rough, they will cancel the ferry crossings (Prices average $150 r/t).

Join us for opportunities to capture videos and images of wild friendly Atlantic spotted dolphins. 

We are seeking out encounters with friendly Atlantic spotted dolphins off Bimini Island, Bahamas.  Bimini is famous, not only for their great hammerheads and reef sharks, but also for their friendly spotted dolphins. We will spend four days swimming with Atlantic spotted dolphins. We may also see bottlenose dolphins, which occasionally hang around the spotted dolphins. This adventure is open to all experience levels and is a great adventure for the whole family. 

Please Note; These are wild dolphin encounters and everyday is different. Some days, the dolphins may be hard to find and not very social. However, the pod that spends their time here off Bimini are extremely social and often choose to interact with snorkelers and have been known to stay with us for hours. 

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