December 10 - 16, 2018
6 days / 4 days photography

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Join us for a 4 day photography expedition
to the Rio Grande Valley, Texas for an opportunity to photograph wild bobcats, and other RGV wildlife. This is a one of kind itinerary designed for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. During the winter season, bobcats around the Bensten State park are extremely active hunting for the wintering migratory birds that visit the park. 

The Rio Grande Valley is one of the most biologically diverse areas in North America. It sits along the border between Texas and Mexico, where the Rio Grande winds its way toward the Gulf of Mexico. The Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV) encompasses no fewer than 11 different types of habitat, including tidal wetlands and riparian forest...and this is where we live. 

This variety has led to a wealth of biodiversity; the region is home to more than 1,200 different species of plants, 500 species of birds (including 40 species found nowhere else in North America), 200 vertebrate species and roughly 300 species of butterflies. Several rare, threatened and endangered species call this region home, including the ocelot, jaguarundi and the burrowing owl. 

Trip Itinerary;
Day 1 - We pick you up from the Mcallen International Airport (MFE), and take you to your hotel, to relax prep cameras and get ready for the morning shoot. We will pick you up at 6PM for dinner (not included in price). to discuss the plans for the morning. These are long full days of shooting. Easy short treks, but long days. (Sun up to sun down.)

Day 2 thru 4 - (3 days) We pick you up at 6:30 AM and drive to Bensten State Park to begin our morning wait for a chance to photograph wild bobcats stalking birds. While we wait, we will have an opportunity to photograph Valley specialty birds, (such as Altamira orioles, plain chacalacas, great kiskadees, golden fronted woodpeckers, and Audubon's orioles.  

If our bobcat is a no-show during the day, we will visit one of the other blinds in search of wild peccary (javalina) to photograph.

Normally, if and when the bobcat shows up, it is in the early mornings. It hunts, then is gone for the day. If it happens very early, we will head out to find more valley wildlife; including coyotes, armadillos, and the rare burrowing owl (which winters here)...

Two of our evenings will be spent photographing white-tailed deer. - At noon we will break for lunch, and begin our trek (two hour drive) to Port Mansfield for an opportunity to photograph rutting white-tailed deer. This time of year is during peak breeding season, so the bucks are at their best and very much in fighting moods. 

After sunset we break for dinner, discuss the days events, look at images and plan for the morning shoot. Afterwards, we return you to your hotel to rest for the morning shoot.

Day 5 - For our final day of photography, we will search for our bobcat, then spend the rest of the day seeking out other local wildlife to photograph. In the evening for our final dinner we will treat you to a homemade Texas barbecue dinner.

Day 6 - We return you to the airport for your journey home. 

Let us know you're interested in joining us.

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