(Photography and Wildlife Enthusiasts)

Outer Banks Area, North Carolina
December 9 - 14, 2019
( 6 Days / 4 Days Black Bear Encounters )

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We are headed to the Outer Banks region of North Carolina, to seek out the largest of the wild black bear species, for an opportunity to observe and photograph these animals. The Outer Banks region of North Carolina is located on the Roanoke River, about seven miles (11 km) upriver from its mouth, into the Albemarle Sound. The black bears around the Albemarle Sound are the largest of their species, often growing to more than 600 pounds. Even female black bears here can reach 300 pounds. Elsewhere in North America, male black bears usually don’t exceed 200 pounds, and females usually reach a maximum weight of about 150 pounds.

Not only are these coastal bears huge, they are also abundant. We have chosen this location because there are an estimated 8,000 bears in this area. Which is one of the largest concentrations of black bears in the southeastern United States.


*While we are out here, we will also be seeking out the rare and elusive red wolf. We are hoping for an opportunity to photograph these elegant predators as well. The region around Alligator River National Refuge is the only place in the world were these extremely rare wolves can be found in the wild. According to Federal reports, there are only 40 red wolves left in the wild. 

Day 1 - We will pick you up from the New Bern Airport (EWN) and travel 3 1/ 2 hours, via private van to the coastal town of Plymouth, NC.  When we arrive, we will check you into your hotel. The evening is yours to relax and prep cameras and gear for our trip in the early morning. 

Day 2 -  (AM Session). We will wake up early and spend the morning seeking out bears and red wolves, around the Alligator River National Refuge area.  We will help you set up your cameras and seek out the best opportunities for great images and video. 

We break for lunch and return to our hotel. You can spend the next few hours relaxing, recharging your camera batteries or explore the town. (PM  Session). In the late afternoon (3PM) we will return to the refuge to seek out the bears again. We will stay till we run out of light...Please note; these are long full days, seeking out wildlife. 

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Day 3 - (AM Session).We will wake up early and spend the morning seeking out bears and red wolves, around the Alligator River National Refuge.

Day 4 - (AM Session). We will leave very early and drive to Cresswell, NC for the second half of our trip. This morning we will visit Pungo NWR for more bear and red wolf (hopefully), encounters. Today we will explore the region both in our vehicles and on foot for a chance to capture unique, up close images of the amazing wildlife that lives in this region. 

Day 5 - We will repeat day 4. 

Day 6 - We will depart at 7am and drive you to the New Bern airport (EWN) for your journey home. Make your return flights after 12 noon.

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